Daniel Borda de Francisco


Daniel Borda de Francisco was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1955.In his urge to learn from many and to find his talent in various labors related to art,  attended different artistic schools and ateliers also taking part on creative groups, making incursions in graphic design, set design, jewelry and animation, to finally find himself with his great passion: painting.

He started showing his work in 1974 and since then has taken part in several collective exhibitions and performed twelve individual exhibitions in Colombia and foreign countries.

He studied Graphic Design in the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and painting in David Manzur’s atelier. Later on in Barcelona, Spain, he continued his learning in the atelier of Manel Nuñez and Sandra Duran, investigating on engraving on metal, which he complemented as he came back to Bogotá with maestro Edgar Correal.

Borda, a professional painter, very realistic, with a touch of surrealism, emphasizes the detail. In his recent work “Homages”, he starts incorporating digital techniques to his pictorial work and brings to his atelier some works of great masters in painting to interact with them and enjoy.